Useful Links

Whitstable Wellness Centre
Clinical Pilates, yoga, hypnobirthing and much much more

Whitstable Osteopath Clinic
Yoga, wellness and more

Whitstable Osteopath Clinic
Excellent osteopathy

Yoga Jeff:
Great yoga!

Feed Your Health:
Sensible nutritional advice and fabulous cookery workshops.

Sewall House:
Simplicity, tranquility, authentic yoga retreat in Maine.

Mama Heaven:
The perfect uk retreat for mums and their babies.

Seraphin Pilates:
Pilates that works.

Naturopathic Nutrition:
Nutritional advice with a naturopathic leaning.

In Spa:
Health, fitness and yoga in a choice of delectable settings.

Conception to Cradle:
A natural apporach to fertility, pregnancy and post natal care