“I am an Osteopath and I highly recommend Sibyl both professionally and personally. I actively refer patients to her for her excellent treatments, particularly for myofascial release. Sibyl has an exceptional understanding of the body and uses a variety of techniques suited to the individual. She is also a thoroughly professional yet caring and likeable person, who puts patients at ease.”

Gemma Dawson.

“I am a remedial massage therapist who worked with Sibyl in London for over 5 years. I have not met a more effective, thorough therapist. She has a natural warmth and obvious experience at her craft that puts anyone at ease in her hands. Sibyl is totally focused on her work during treatments, with acute attention to detail and hands that seek, find and ultimately resolve muscular and postural pain. And the ongoing training she does make her knowledge and skills extremely current. I cannot recommend Sibyl enough.”

Kim Peace

“During my 2nd pregnancy I suffered from SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfuncion), which is extremely painful and at times I could barely walk. Following reflexology treatments with Sibyl I got relief from the symptoms throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimester. I also had reflexology after the birth to successfully treat residual pelvic pain. Sibyl is effective, thorough, caring and professional in her treatment and I would and do use her for a multitude of aches and pains post natal and otherwise.”

S Dowcra

“Regular reflexology with Sibyl helped balance my hormones so that I was able to conceive, helped me to have an energising and happy pregnancy, brought on a natural child birth and played a HUGE role in my speedy recovery and 100% enjoyment of the early weeks of motherhood.”

R. Cochrane-Gough

“Until I started treatment with Sibyl, I didn't realise quite how much pain and stress I had grown used to carrying around. I initially saw Sibyl for Neuroskeletal Realignment Therapy to help me recover from years of bad posture and the resulting slipped disk. This was a key part of my recovery and definitely contributed to the on-going management of my bad back. In addition to this, Sibyl has also helped me with shin splints as well as muscle pain and spasm from intensive computer work. She is now a regular part of my life and integral to my well being.”

Emma Norton, Visual Effects Producer

“I find that Sibyl is always attuned to how I feel and adapts her treatments accordingly. During the session, I felt relaxed and nurtured, and most of all, in a safe space where I can let go”

Berenice Wurz, Yoga Teacher

“Often her work takes me to a deep level of relaxation and release, something I've rarelt experienced during other massage treatments”

Stephen Morallee, Reiki Master Teacher

“This is the first time I have experienced massage, as I have always avoided having massage previously... . This experience has totally changed my mind”

Julian Russell, Marketing Manager

“Sibyl's treatments have really helped me during pregnancy and have always left me feeling calmer”

Claire Kendrick, Marketing Consultant