Neuroskeletal Realignment Therapy

Neuroskeletal realignment therapy is a non-manipulative technique for the treatment of pain, limited movement associated with injury and poor posture.

It is non-invasive and safe and is suitable for people of all ages from babies to pregnant women and senior citizens. Neuroskeletal realignment therapy can help with back pain and strain, sciatica, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, fibro-myalgia, disc prolapse or herniation, road traffic accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury (RSI), whiplash, migraines, headaches, cervical spondylosis, cervical stenosis, arthritis, hip, knee, shoulder or neck pain.

How does Neuroskeletal Realignment therapy work?

Gentle and controlled pressure is applied to specific nerve points, which stimulate tension activity causing changes within and around stressed muscles. When the muscles release, the body is able to shift gently back to its natural alignment.

What happens during a treatment?

Time will be dedicated first of all to consultation, followed by a postural assessment, then followed by a treatment. You remain fully clothed during the treatment and light finger pressure is used on the pelvic area, hips, spine, shoulders, neck and skull. Follow on treatments take from 45 minutes to one hour, although this varies depending on the individual�s condition. The treatment is highly relaxing and many people drift off to sleep

2-6 sessions is normally all that is required, with at least one-two weeks between each session, allowing time for the body to adjust. Sometimes one of these sessions will focus on Clinical Massage to loosen up areas of chronic tension

Changes initiated during a treatment may continue for up to 48 hours post treatment, as the body finds its most optimum working posture. It is always advisable to take a hot bath or shower after each treatment to ease any muscle aches that may occur.

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